This site is intended to introduce famous or not so famous women. The sister site WomeninJapan.net came first and this site and WomenofAsia.net came afterwards and the naming conventions for the sites shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Not all of the women featured on Westernwomen.net for example will be strictly “westerners” (eastern Europeans, Australian or women of African descent for example), but will generally be from or be popular in areas “popularly” considered to be western regardless of actual geography/culture. Any and all comments, mail, etc. criticizing or making arguments about the names of the sites will be completely ignored.

Just for your reference the general content of the sites is as follows:

Women of Japanese ethnicity, ancestry or other women who are mainly/largely popular within Japan.

Asian women from outside of Japan (Korea, India, Thailand, etc.) and women of Asian descent (e.g. Chinese Americans).

Pretty much everything else. ;P

Since the bulk of the site is mainly pictures of women, if that sort of thing bothers you, please don’t feel obligated to stick around, and definitely don’t feel obligated to let me know about your objections. Thanks.

If there’s some more information you’d be interested in seeing, or if you have any other suggestions comments, requests, suggestions or whatever, feel free to let me know in the comments for the posts.

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Site Design and Compatibility

This site is designed for, and best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or above, Firefox 2.0 or above, and Opera 9.0 and above and is best viewed in those browsers and versions.

The site looks and runs best if both Javascript and Cookies are enabled, but should (theoretically) be usable without either. No personal information is stored in the cookies, just stuff like menu positions/opened and closed status, etc.

Recommended (supported):

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The main design makes liberal use of alpha transparent pngs, and therefore may not display correctly on older browsers, or may be slow on even some newer browsers.
The main theme only displays properly in Firefox 2.+, IE7+ and Opera 9.+.

If you are using IE6 (or some other browser) and the site currently looks like crap, my best suggestion is to either upgrade to IE7 (it’s much, much nicer overall anyway) or switch to another browser (Firefox or Opera).

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This site is supported by advertisements.

I know some people don’t like them, but the fact is hosting costs money, so sorry if you can’t bear it but they are necessary. The site was designed to try and blend the advertisements in and make them as unobtrusive as possible.

If you really have a problem with them, just try to ignore them, otherwise just bear in mind they are there to help support the site if you see something that catches your interest.

Just so no one thinks anyone is getting rich off the site, the grand total for all the ads on this site over the past 6 months is US$15.00 which is less than 1/10 of the hosting costs for year.

If you would like to advertise directly on this site feel free to contact me via the contact form on WomeninJapan.net.

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The site will generally update whenever I come upon something worth updating with.

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Feel free to use the code and buttons on the Links page to link to this site.

If you would like to exchange links contact me via the contact form on WomeninJapan.net.

Link Requirements:

  1. I can’t link to any sites containing illegal content
  2. Links require a link back to this site which stays in place. If the link back here is removed, the link to your site will also be removed.
  3. Links can be added either to the Links page, the sidebar links menu, or to individual posts, however the reciprocal link back here must be in an equivalent position on your site. e.g. If I place a link from this site to your site in the sidebar links menu, it will be displayed on every page on this site, so the reciprocal link on your site must also appear on every page, or nearly every page of your site.

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Comments, Questions & Suggestions

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about anything on the site, feel free to use the comments on the posts or contact me via the contact form on WomeninJapan.net.

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The images used on this site come from a variety of sources. Most are found on the net, although some are personally scanned in by myself. Many of the images found on the net contain watermarks. In general I don’t remove or alter watermarks, unless they have a link to a site which may pose a potential threat (virus/trojan infected, javascript exploits, scams etc.) or point to a non-existent site. Some of the images here have already made their way around the web several times over and have had multiple watermarks placed on top of eachother, or had the watermarks removed. I am not the one removing them, they are posted exactly as found. I generally have no problem with people putting their name or a link if they are pointing to a reputable site, and on top of that it is just a pain in the ass to remove/cover up watermarks, so I don’t bother.

This should not however be taken to imply that this site has any relationship to or in any way, shape or form endorses the sites noted in watermarks, and despite the fact that I do try to check the sketchy sites and remove any watermarks pointing to them, sites change all the time, and it’s easy enough for me to overlook something, so if you decide to visit a site noted in a watermark please understand that you do so at your own risk and that neither I nor my hosts accept no responsibility whatsoever for your ill-advised explorations.

On the other side of the coin, any email’s or comments ranting about removed watermarks and the like will be deleted with no response. The only time I modify/remove a watermark it will have a new watermark pointing to this site and as mentioned above the only time this is done is when the old watermark was pointing to a dangerous or non-existent site. If you think an image was originally posted on your site and that I have stolen the image from you and changed the watermark you are wrong unless you are running one of the above mentioned dangerous/scam sites. More than likely the image was found elsewhere and someone else had removed/altered the watermark on the copy I found, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to go hunting all over the net for the original source to every image I find and replacing/restoring original watermarks.

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